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Dan Brown

Dan is our gyroscope. Our moral compass, if you will. The Northern Californian is also one of the most brilliant sports writers in the country. His distinguished career included more than 20 years at The San Jose Mercury News, and now at The Athletic. His pieces are always well conceived and brilliantly cobbled, which makes his work an absolute 'must read'.

His media professionalism and outlook on games keeps our show firmly grounded when the rest of his co-hosts might get just a little carried away with the hyperbole that shrouds both the successes, or failures of the Forty Niners.

But don’t be mislead by what might seem like a stoic personality. Dan has a magnificent sense of humor, a quick wit and a natural comedic timing, all of which he seems to use at least once per show.

Dan is married to the great, award-winning San Francisco Chronicle sports writer, Susan Slusser. Dan once dubbed Jimmy Garoppolo ‘Dream Boat’ and fully admits to a full blown crush on actress Geena Davis.

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Jerry Walker

Jerry is our heart and soul. The amiable former Public Relations Director of the Forty-Niners (1981-1993) proudly wears one of his four Super Bowl rings on each show. His knowledge of Forty Niner’s history, his personal stories and his marvelous perspective is a perfect fit for a show like ours. Jerry was also very instrumental in the creation and make-up of the Forty Niner’s Museum and Hall of Fame and currently holds the title of Team Archivist.

A native of Ohio, Jerry keeps a close eye on Ohio State football, his childhood favorite, ‘Brownies’, and maybe most of all, LSU football due to his time there in the Sports Information Department.

But make no mistake: Jerry bleeds Forty Niners red and gold! His distinguished career with the team led him to working relationships and friendships with owner, Eddie DeBartolo Jr., Coach Bill Walsh, Team executive John McVay and many, many more. As a result, his dedication to the organization is palpable.

Jerry and his wife, Jackie (a former gymnastics coach at LSU, Stanford and San Jose State) live in the area and enjoy spending time with their daughter and son-in-law, Kelly and Daniel Goni, and grand children, Walker and Millie Rose.

Jerry’s favorite saying….”The game is winnable.” He doesn’t have to remind his co-hosts anymore, does he?

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Terrell Jones

Terrell is our credibility as a result of having spent many years on the sidelines of NFL games as a strength and conditioning coach with both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and most notably, the San Francisco Forty Niners. His contacts and friendships would fill a New York City phone book, ergo, he knows of what he speaks.

Terrell is a Minnesota native who lives and dies with his childhood Vikings and has the most wonderful mid-western ethic that serves him in seeing things clearly. This quality surfaced when he successfully represented clients in contract negotiations in several sports, and also as a sports consultant.

He currently is an assistant coach for the San Jose City College softball team and recently won an award as the California JC Assistant Coach of the Year! Probably more than anything else, Terrell is extremely proud of his distinguished service to his country as a member of the United States Air Force.

We are so fortunate to have him help make our shows sparkle.

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Mitch Juricich

Coming Soon

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