On the Tunney Side of the Street 50

by Jim Tunney

Coming up next...Comebacks!

After further review...Denver quarterback Peyton Manning led the biggest comeback of his 15-year career when his Broncos defeated the San Diego Chargers 35-24 in a recent Monday Night Football game, after being behind 24-0 at halftime. When Manning was asked later by an ESPN reporter if there was a fiery half time turnaround speech in the Broncos locker room, he said, "No, it was our will that pulled us through". That's the very message I emphasize in my book "It's the Will, Not the Skill" and use it often to help corporations and businesses bounce back from hard times.

The term "pep talk" has been around for as long as one can remember. It's the type of talk my Dad would give me when improvement was needed. It is also the term used by coaches who attempt to fire-up their teams prior to or during halftime of a game, especially when said teams are behind 24 points. Does it work? Stay tuned.

Former NFL head coach and current ESPN analyst Herm Edwards describes how it works in the above-mentioned book. Edwards says "Halftime is a failure management course built right into the game". It's a time for analysis of what your team is doing well and how to continue it, as well as what needs to be changed and how to achieve it. "How" is the operative word here.

During the most recent presidential debate the candidates were asked by a student, "I'll be graduating in 2014; can you assure me I can find a job"? Both candidates gave a "pep-talk" on their plans for growing the job market. That's not what the student needed. He needed to hear: 1) Talk with your professors about how jobs can be secured and what you need to do to compete; 2) Visit and talk with employers in your field to determine what skills and qualifications will be necessary; and 3) Then go do it.

Did Manning's claim to the will, mean the Chargers didn't possess it? Not necessarily. What they may have lacked that night was the how of improving their performance. Edwards continuously reminded his T*E*A*M to "Keep your heads up and look ahead for something good to happen".

Will you create your comeback by keeping your head up and look for good things to happen?

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