2022 NFL Draft Central


Welcome to Hooked on the Niners 2022 Draft Central. This will be the place to get information and projections on the 2022 NFL Draft. We'll also be offering some thoughts, opinions, recommendations, and even flat out pleas, in the "in our Huddle" section about the Niners 2022 draft. We absolutely want to hear your thoughts an opinions on the Niners draft, and encourage you to log into our Fan Forum, and fire away.

2022 Draft Ratings and Projections

Dear Niner Fans,

You will notice two things about this years positional draft rankings:

1 - There are no 40 yard dash times. Because of the cancellation of the Combine in Indianapolis this year (guess why) a consensus of 40 times was unavailable. Instead we got 40 times run on pro days at the home track of the athletes and the times were amazing. Shocking. So, for that reason I decided to forgo the times. Truth be known, I think all of us that love the draft tend to lean on those times in our evaluations a bit too much.

2 - I only rated the top 5 players at each position this year for a variety of reasons and I will not bore you with them. Suffice it to say that if you are looking for a quarterback, and offensive lineman at any position, a wide receiver, an edge rusher or corner back, this is the draft for you.

One last comment... The Niners paid heavily to get the third pick in the draft. This pick will make or break the Niners for the next five years or so. With their Super Bowl window wide open, I believe the 49er brain trust has their eye on "the guy". The Niners have nine picks in this draft. With those picks coupled with the great work the team did in free agency, I think 2021 will be another run for the championship.