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Welcome to Hooked on the Niners 2020 Draft Central. This will be the place to get information and projections on the 2020 NFL Draft. We'll also be offering some thoughts, opinions and recommendations about the Niners 2019 draft.

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2020 NFL Draft Position Ratings - By Mitch Juricich

QB | RB | FB | WR | SR | TE | C | OT | OG | DE | DT | OLB | ILB | CB | S

Our crack team of scouts, football experts (and anyone else in the bar who was sober at the time) at hookedontheniners.com has comprised the following list of players eligible for the NFL Draft. There were several rules in our rating system:

1-We had to see them play in a game, web high-lites, or at the combine.
2-We put a little emphasis on height, weight and 40 yard dash time.
3-We didn't care what anyone else had to say about them..
4-We only rated 5 players per position.

This mock draft does not include any trades, of which I think there will be many, including the Niners trading out of round one for picks in later rounds and in next year's draft, as well. After that, every pick is exactly like that of all other mock drafts: guesses!

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Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Tua TagovailoaAlabama6-12194.64
Joe BurrowLSU6-42154.79
Justin HerbertOregon6-62254.68
Jordan LoveUtah St.6-42214.72
Jalen HurtsOklahoma6-22164.59

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Running Back
Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
J.K. DobbinsOhio St.5-102144.39
D’Andre SwiftGeorgia5-92164.48
Jonathan TaylorWisconsin5-112154.39
Clyde Edwards-HelairLSU5-92124.60
Zack MossUtah5-102234.65

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Full Back
Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
A.J DillonBoston College6-02474.56
Richie WorshipPurdue6-02504.80
Ben EllefsonNo. Dakota St.6-32504.78
Jay Jay WilsonAuburn6-32434.81
Brady RossIowa6-02404.83

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Wide Receiver
Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Michael PittmanUSC6-42234.52
Jerry JeudyAlabama6-11924.43
Cee Dee LambOklahoma6-21894.45
Henry RuggsAlabama6-01834.27
Tee HigginsClemson6-42004.47

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Split Receiver
Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Devin DuvernayTexas5-102004.39
K.J. HamlerPenn St.5-91784.43
James ProcheSMU5-112014.42
Jalon ReagorTCU5-112064.47
Chris FinkeNotre Dame5-91844.57

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Tight End
Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Albert OkwuebbunamMissouri6-52584.49
Colby ParkinsonStanford6-72404.75
Cole KmetNotre Dame6-62554.70
Hunter BryantWashington6-22414.73
Bryce HopkinsPurdue6-52454.66

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Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Cesar RuizMichigan6-33095.08
Lloyd CushinberryLSU6-33125.27
Tyler BiadcszWisconsin6-33155.33
Sean PollardClemson6-53105.28
Jake HansonOregon6-53035.50

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Offensive Guard
Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Netane MutiFresno St.6-33105.32
Solomon KindleyGeorgia6-43355.42
Ben BredesonMichigan6-53205.21
John SimpsonClemson6-43305.24
Damien LewisClemson6-23355.24

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Offensive Guard
Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Tristan WirfsIowa6-53204.85
Mekhi BectonLouisville6-73645.10
Andrew ThomasGeorgia6-53205.22
Isaiah WilsonGeorgia6-73405.30
Jedrick WillisAlabama6-43155.20
Josh JonesHouston6-53195.15
Ezra ClevelandBoise St.6-63115.10
Austin JacksonUSC6-53225.15
Calvin ThrockmortonOregon6-53175.14
Yasir DurantMissouri6-63355.26

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Defensive End
Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Chase YoungOhio St.6-52654.67
Yetur Gross-MatosPenn St.6-52624.68
A.J. EpenesaIowa6-52765.04
Branlee AnaeUtah6-32654.93
Alton RobinsonSyracuse6-32664.69

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Defensive Tackle
Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Derrick BrownAuburn6-53184.50
Javon KinlawSo. Carolina6-53244.94
Leki FotuUtah6-53305.15
James LloydBaylor6-42955.01
Rahsard LawrenceLSU6-33175.07

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Outside Linebacker
Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Isaiah SimmonsClemson6-42384.32
Klavon ChaissonLSU6-42454.62
Zack BaunWisconsin6-32354.65
Anfernee JenningsAlabama6-32594.75
Julian OkwaraNotre Dame6-42524.54

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Inside Linebacker
Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Malik HarrisonOhio St.6-32454.66
Patrick QueenLSU6-22324.50
Kenneth MurrayOklahoma6-22384.52
Evan WeaverCAL6-32454.76
Jordyn BrooksTexas Tech6-12454.54

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Corner Back
Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
A.J. TerrellClemson6-21954.42
Jeffrey OkudahOhio St.6-12004.48
Trevon DiggsAlabama2004.50
Kristian FultonLSU6-01924.46

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Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Grant DelpitLSU6-32134.48
Xavier McKinneyAlabama6-12004.63
Ashtyn DavisCAL6-12014.55
Brandon JonesTexas6-02004.47
Jeremy ChinnSo. Illinois6-32214.45

2020 NFL Draft, Later Round Picks

Player Position School
Preferable Players at Pick #13
Isaiah SimmonsLinebacker-SafetyClemson
Derrick BrownDefensive tackleAuburn
Tristin WirfsOffensive TackleIowa
Jerry JeudyWide ReceiverAlabama
Henry RuggsWide ReceiverAlabama
Preferable Players at Pick #31
Michael PittmanWide ReceiverUSC
Cesar RuizCenter/GuardMichigan
Ezra ClevelandOffensive TackleBoise St.
Trevon DiggsCorner backAlabama
Grant DelpitSafetyLSU
Names to Look For in Later Rounds
Zach MossRunning BackUtah
James ProcheSlot ReceiverSMU
Yasir DurantOffensive TackleMissouri
Julian OkwaraOutside LinebackerNotre Dame
Ahstyn DavisSafetyCal