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Welcome to Hooked on the Niners 2017 Draft Central. This will be the place to get information and projections on the 2017 NFL Draft. We'll also be offering some thoughts, opinions and recommendations about the Niners 2017 draft.

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2017 NFL Draft Position Ratings - By Mitch Juricich

QB | RB | FB | TE | C | OT | OG | WR | DE | DT | OLB | ILB | CB | S | K

Our crack team of scouts, football experts (and anyone else in the bar who was sober at the time) at hookedontheniners.com has comprised the following list of players eligible for the NFL Draft. There were several rules in our rating system:

1-We had to see them play in a game, web high-lites, or at the combine.
2-We put a little emphasis on height, weight and 40 yard dash time.
3-We didn't care what anyone else had to say about them..
4-We only rated 5 players per position.

This mock draft does not include any trades, of which I think there will be many, including the Niners trading out of round one for picks in later rounds and in next year's draft, as well. After that, every pick is exactly like that of all other mock drafts: guesses!

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Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Davis WebbCalifornia6-52304.85
Deshan WatsonClemson6-32154.65
Mitch TrubiskyNorth Carolina6-32204.75

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Running Back
Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Christian McCaffreyStanford5-112054.45
Leonard FournetteLSU6-12354.50
Dalvin CookFlorida State5-112134.50

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Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Algeron BrownBYU6-12504.65
Anthony FirkserHarvard6-32304.75
Dakota BallAlabama6-32685.25

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Wide Receiver
Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Mike WilliamsClemson6-32254.49
Corey DavisWestern Michigan6-32134.50
John RossWashington5-111904.26

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Tight End
Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
O.J. HowardAlabama6-62524.55
David NjokuMiami6-42454.65
Jake ButtMichigan6-62504.75

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Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Pat ElfleinOhio State6-33005.20
Tyler OrloskyWestern Michigan6-42955.20
Ethan PocicLSU6-73025.20

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Offensive Guard
Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Dan FeeneyIndiana6-43055.10
Forrest LampWestern Kentucky6-43005.10
Nico SiragusaSan Diego State6-53305.35

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Offensive Tackle
Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Ryan RamcyzkWisconsin6-63145.36
Garrett BolesUtah6-53005.00
Cam RobinsonAlabama6-63105.30

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Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Conrad UkropinaStanford6-0190Who Cares?

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Defensive End
Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Myles GarrettTexas A&M6-52704.60
Solomon ThomasStanford6-32774.75
Takkarist McKinleyUCLA6-22654.65

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Defensive Tackle
Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Jonathan AllenAlabama6-32914.85
Malik McDowellMichigan State6-62784.90
Chris WormlMichigan6.63024.95

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Outside Linebacker
Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Hassan RiddickTemple6-12304.70
Alex AnzaloneFlorida6-32444.65
Charles HarrisMissour6-32604.75

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Inside Linebacker
Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Reuben FosterAlabama6-12354.70
Zach CunninghamVanderbilt6-42314.75
Keith KelseyLouisville6-12364.79

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Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Marshon LattimoreOhio State6-01984.45
Teez TaborFlorida6-02014.50
Kevin KingWashington6-31924.50

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Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
Jamal AdamsLSU6-1134.50
Malik HookerOhio State6-22054.50
Jabrill PeppersMichigan6-12054.50

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2017 NFL Draft, 2nd and 3rd day Wish List

Position Player School Height Weight 40-YD Dash
RBJamaal WilliamsBYU6-22204.55
WRCooper CuppE. Washington6-22154.55
WRAmara DarbohMichigan6-22174.45
TEEvan EngramOle Miss6-32354.65
CJon TothKentucky6-53105.25
OGTaylor MotonW.Mich6-53245.25
OTAntonio GarciaTroy6-73025.05
OTDion DawkinsTemple6-53205.25
DEJordan WillisKansas St.6-52584.65
DTCaleb BrantleyFlorida6-22975.05
ILBBen BoulwareClemson6-02354.85
OLBTim WilliamsAlabama6-42524.70
CBAdoree JacksonUSC5-111854.40
SJustin EvansTexas A&M6-12004.50

2017 NFL Draft, Round 1 Predictions

Team Player position School
BrownsMyles GarrettDLTexas A&M
Forty-NinersSolomon ThomasDLStanford
BearsMarshon LattimoreCBOhio State
JaguarsLeonard FournetteRBLSU
TitansJamaal AdamsDBLSU
JetsMalik HookerDBOhio State
ChargersJonathan AllenDLAlabama
PanthersDerek BarnettDl Tennessee
BengalsReuben FosterLBAlabama
BillsO.J. HowardTEAlabama
SaintsMike WilliamsWRClemson
BrownsMitch TrubiskiQBNorth Carolina
CardinalsTakkarist McKinleyDLUCLA
EaglesCorey DavisWRW. Michigan
ColtsRyan RamczykOTWisconsin
RavensJohn RossWRWashington
TitansGareon ConleyDBOhio State
BuccaneersDalvin CookRBFlorida State
BroncosDeshan WatsonQBClemson
LionsJabrill PeppersDBMichigan
DolphinsDavid NjokuTEMiami
GiantsForrest LampOLW. Kentucky
RaidersHasson ReddickLBTemple
TexansPatrick MahomesQBTexas Tech
SeahawksGarrett BolesOLUtah
ChiefsChristian McCaffreyRBStanford
CowboysMarlon HumphreyDBAlabama
PackersMalik McDowellDLMichigan State
SteelersTaco CharltonDLMichigan
FalconsCaleb BrantleyDLFlorida
SaintsZach CunninghamLBVanderbilt